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September 2021
Many mouths making conversation, with speech bubbles in red and blue.

Community Newsletter: Anti-racism in clinical practice, bilingualism and autism

by  /  26 September 2021

In this week’s Community Newsletter, we look at a call to end anti-Black racism and a commentary on the benefits of and barriers to raising bilingual autistic children.

Mother and child playing with small colored blocks on the carpet.

Uncertainty clouds test of ‘preemptive’ therapy to ease autism traits

by  /  24 September 2021

Experts question data showing that an experimental therapy that parents deliver to babies with early signs of autism can lessen the intensity of the children’s traits and lower their chances of diagnosis at age 3.

Illustration of hybrid objects: part light bulb, part lab vial, some in blue and some in red to signify null and replicated results

Null and Noteworthy: Null rejection, repetitive behaviors, unsuccessful treatments

by  /  23 September 2021

In this edition of Null and Noteworthy, tests of intranasal oxytocin and an Angelman syndrome treatment fail to see results.

Many people in different areas on a target.

Finding a path forward for fragile X drugs

by  /  23 September 2021

The stubborn lack of treatments for fragile X syndrome — a leading cause of inherited intellectual disability and autism — is spurring researchers to revise clinical trial techniques and revisit old drug candidates.

Child makes a row of flowers on the ground.

Repetitive behaviors wax and wane among autistic youth

by  /  20 September 2021

Some types of restricted and repetitive behaviors become more prevalent among autistic children and teenagers over time, depending on their age and intellectual ability, whereas others decrease.

Speech bubble formed by a network of communication

Community Newsletter: Spectrum survey on 2021 conferences, Bayesian precision, paper review feedback

by  /  19 September 2021

In this week’s Community Newsletter, we serve up a survey on conference attendance over the next few months, a paper on the Bayesian brain’s relationship to precision and a tweet about constructive peer reviews.

A concerned man holds his toddler close

Severe infection may raise odds of autism in some children

by  /  17 September 2021

Mock viral infections impair social memory in mice with a mutation tied to autism, and autistic boys are more likely than their non-autistic peers to have had serious infections early in life.

Empty conference room with closeup of microphone in foreground.

Spectrum survey: Attending scientific conferences and meetings

by  /  16 September 2021

Help Spectrum report on the pandemic’s effect on conference plans by participating in a brief survey.

circuit board style lines in black and white suggest sperm approaching an egg.

Mutations linked to autism may be detectable in men’s sperm

by  /  16 September 2021

An advanced DNA-sequencing technique has identified gene-damaging mutations, some with ties to autism, in about 1 in 15 men.

Playful chart in red and blue patterns

By the Numbers: Machine learning, dementia link, antipsychotics while pregnant

by ,  /  16 September 2021

In this edition of By the Numbers, we discuss machine learning for autism, early-onset dementia, and antipsychotic medicines during pregnancy.