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August 2021
Twin boys sleeping on green sheets.

Genetic roots of sleep issues, autism may be entwined

by  /  9 August 2021

The same genetic factors may underlie both autism and autistic people’s tendency to have sleep problems, such as insomnia.

Speech bubble formed by a network of communication

Community Newsletter: SUV39H2, work performance perceptions, ABA alternative

by  /  8 August 2021

In this week’s Community Newsletter, we take a look at the gene SUV39H2’s link to autism, autistic people’s perception of their work performance, and naturalistic developmental behavior interventions, an alternative to applied behavior analysis.


Drugs boost serotonin, socialization in multiple autism mouse models

by  /  6 August 2021

The finding that MDMA and an experimental serotonin agonist increase sociability across six different model mice suggests that disparate autism-linked mutations converge on the same underlying pathways.

Images shows a pyramidal neuron.

How mutations in top autism gene could lead to seizures

by  /  5 August 2021

Deleterious mutations in an autism-associated gene can make neurons hyperexcitable, raising the risk of epileptic seizures.


Mutations in the noncoding genome contribute to autism

by  /  2 August 2021

Spontaneous mutations in parts of the genome that regulate gene EBF3 appear to contribute to autism risk.

Many mouths making conversation, with speech bubbles in red and blue.

Community Newsletter: Transdiagnostic approaches, considering adverse events, webinar with Laurent Mottron

by  /  1 August 2021

In this week’s Community Newsletter, we look at transdiagnostic approaches and why they’re helpful for neurodevelopmental conditions, the importance of monitoring adverse events during intervention studies and our top stories of the week.

July 2021

Sex, age of diagnosis correlate with autism comorbidities

by  /  30 July 2021

Girls are more likely to have various other conditions, such as anxiety or an eating disorder, if they are diagnosed with autism as a teenager, compared with girls diagnosed as children. The findings may suggest that clinicians miss diagnosing some autistic girls unless they also have co-occurring conditions.

Colorful, playful illustrated scene of ewborns on a conveyor belt moving past researchers holding a long, long list.

The push to screen newborns for rare autism-linked genetic conditions

by  /  28 July 2021

As treatments for some autism-linked genetic conditions inch closer to the clinic, researchers are talking more urgently about screening all newborns for such conditions.


Ultra-rare variants point to new autism candidate genes

by  /  26 July 2021

A large, whole-genome sequencing study of families yields insights into ultra-rare genetic variants that contribute to autism.

Speech bubble formed by a network of communication

Community Newsletter: Controversial ‘cost of autism’ paper, ‘doctors’ speak,’ double empathy explained

by  /  25 July 2021

In this week’s community newsletter, we dissect reactions to an anti-vaccine activist’s controversial paper, how doctors talk about autism and our new double empathy explainer.