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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Spotted A roundup of autism papers and media mentions you may have missed.

Spotted around the web: Week of 21 October 2019

by  /  25 October 2019

October 21st

Research roundup

  • The volume of different brain regions varies among people and is linked to 48 genetic variants. Nature Genetics
  • Scientific journals are less likely to publish commentaries by women than those by men who have similar seniority and an equivalent publication record. JAMA Network Open

Science and society

  • A Nature editorial discusses ways to give women a fair shake at being named a Nobel Prize winner in medicine, chemistry or physics. Nature
  • Fewer U.S. children have health insurance today than did two years ago. The New York Times
  • The antidepressant Prozac may not ease obsessive-compulsive behaviors in autistic children. Science News

Autism and the arts

  • Five autistic children from Bengaluru, India, showed their artwork at an exhibit in Paris, France. Edex Live
  • Autistic painter Matthew Wong of Edmonton, Canada, has died at age 35. The New York Times

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