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August 2013

Predicting psychosis

by  /  27 August 2013

A new study fans the flames of a link between autism and schizophrenia, finding that children with autism are at a three-fold greater risk of psychotic episodes in their teen years than their typically developing peers.

July 2013

Genetics: Deletions common in early schizophrenia syndrome

by  /  23 July 2013

Chromosomal abnormalities may be more prevalent in individuals with a rare form of childhood-onset schizophrenia than in those with the classic presentation of the disorder, according to a study published 21 May in Molecular Psychiatry.

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May 2013

Small pieces of RNA may pave path to autism

by  /  21 May 2013

The discovery of microRNAs that regulate gene expression has changed our view of cellular biochemistry. It may also change our perception of neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism, says Peng Jin.

April 2013

Dosage effects of 22q11 chromosomal region

by  /  23 April 2013

Research into the 22q11.2 chromosomal region, which is linked to both schizophrenia and autism, can provide important insights into how rare duplications and deletions may lead to neuropsychiatric disorders, says Maria Karayiorgou.

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Genetics: Rare mutation linked to autism, psychosis

by  /  2 April 2013

A boy with a rare deletion in chromosome 3 was diagnosed with autism and psychotic symptoms by age 5, according to a case report published 26 February in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A. He is the second identified individual with this deletion who has these symptoms, which are exceedingly rare in combination.

March 2013

Molecular mechanisms: Deletion moves inhibitory neurons

by  /  1 March 2013

Loss of one copy of 22q11.2 — a chromosomal region linked to schizophrenia and autism — shifts the location of neurons that inhibit brain signals, according to a study published 6 November in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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January 2013

Network of protein variants suggests new autism genes

by  /  25 January 2013

Researchers have created a network of various forms of many proteins linked to autism, revealing new molecular interactions that may play a role in the disorder. The unpublished work was presented in a poster last week at the Salk Institute, Fondation IPSEN and Nature Symposium on Biological Complexity in La Jolla, California.


Childhood-onset schizophrenia, autism share genetic links

by  /  23 January 2013

Individuals who have childhood-onset schizophrenia carry more DNA deletions and duplications associated with other disorders, such as autism, than their unaffected siblings do. The unpublished research was presented 16 January at the Salk Institute, Fondation IPSEN and Nature Symposium on Biological Complexity in La Jolla, California.

December 2012

Genetics: 22q11.2 deletion symptoms cluster into two groups

by  /  4 December 2012

Children with a deletion in the 22q11.2 chromosomal region have one of two distinct sets of symptoms, and only one of those is associated with autism, according to a study published 28 August in Research in Developmental Disabilities.

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October 2012

Cognition and behavior: Mind blindness in autism syndromes

by  /  19 October 2012

Trouble with theory of mind, or the ability to infer what other people think or believe, is one of the most well-known deficits in autism. Two new studies show that theory of mind is also lacking in people with autism-related syndromes.