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Tag: Angelman syndrome

October 2012

Study implicates ‘pleasure circuit’ in Angelman syndrome

by  /  18 October 2012

Mice that model Angelman syndrome, an autism-related disorder, are more motivated to earn rewards than controls are, according to unpublished results presented Wednesday at the 2012 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in New Orleans.


Neuroscience in NOLA

by  /  12 October 2012

After nine long years, the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting is returning to New Orleans. And’s reporters are ready to deliver the best advances in autism research that emerge.


Molecular mechanisms: Angelman region affects serotonin

by  /  12 October 2012

Mice that model Angelman syndrome or have a duplication of the 15q11-13 chromosomal region have aberrant brain levels of the chemical messenger serotonin, according to a study published 16 August in PLoS One.


Molecular mechanisms: Autism gene linked to fragile X traits

by  /  3 October 2012

Deleting CYFIP1, a gene within a region linked to Angelman syndrome and autism, in mice leads to symptoms reminiscent of fragile X syndrome, according to a study published 10 August in PLoS One.

August 2012

Researchers eye pigs for modeling autism-related disorder

by  /  13 August 2012

Researchers plan to develop pig models of Prader-Willi syndrome, an inherited disorder caused by the deletion of an autism-linked region of chromosome 15.


Researchers home in on dosage effects of 15q11-13 region

by  /  13 August 2012

Researchers are beginning to tease apart how dosage of genes within the 15q11-13 chromosomal region contributes to autism symptoms.


Nonprofit rallies funds to create autism-related mouse model

by  /  9 August 2012

Concerned by researchers’ lack of access to a valuable mouse model of autism, a nonprofit advocacy group is dedicating a chunk of its limited resources to the creation of a freely available version.

July 2012

Gene therapy

by  /  20 July 2012

Delicate dosage issues are just one complication of developing gene therapy for neurodevelopmental disorders.


Angelman mice show impaired inhibition of brain signals

by  /  2 July 2012

Mice lacking a functional copy of UBE3A, the gene missing or mutated in people with the rare developmental disorder Angelman syndrome, show less inhibitory activity than controls do, according to research published 7 June in Neuron.

May 2012

Cognition and behavior: High IQ linked to anxiety in autism

by  /  23 May 2012

A high intelligence quotient, a good understanding of social skills, and aggressiveness may all contribute to anxiety in children with autism, according to a study published 14 March in The Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.