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Tag: bioinformatics

October 2015

Dispatches from ASHG 2015

by  /  9 October 2015

These short reports from our reporter, Jessica Wright, give you the inside scoop on developments at the 2015 American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting.

June 2015
Week of JuneJun

Spotted: Rebranding oxytocin; marsupial madness

by  /  26 June 2015

The ‘love hormone’ oxytocin needs a scientific makeover, and left-handed kangaroos don’t have autism.

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May 2015

Mathematical method may flag potential autism genes

by  /  20 May 2015

A new mathematical method confidently ranks genes based on their likely impact in a disorder. The approach may help researchers home in on important autism genes.

April 2015

Database highlights genetic overlap among brain disorders

by  /  29 April 2015

An online catalog helps clarify the roles of thousands of spontaneous mutations in four neuropsychiatric disorders, including autism.

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Coding trick tracks gene expression in single cells

by  /  15 April 2015

A new technique allows researchers to trace the location and measure expression levels of hundreds of genes in individual cells. The method, described 9 April in Science, could reveal networks of genes with relevance to autism.

March 2015

Landscape of chemical tags paves way for autism studies

by  /  2 March 2015

In a feat that unites findings from 2,800 experiments in more than 100 types of cells, researchers have mapped the human epigenome — the many layers of code that turn genes on or off.

February 2015

Web of autism genes untangles slowly

by  /  20 February 2015

A new study maps the many targets of the autism gene TBR1, but it’s just one small piece of a much bigger picture.


Massive atlas maps protein expression from head to toe

by  /  4 February 2015

A new resource maps the expression of nearly 17,000 proteins in a range of tissues throughout the human body.

January 2015

New database matches mutations with potential effects

by  /  28 January 2015

A new tool helps predict whether large DNA duplications and deletions, common among people with autism, are harmful or benign.

November 2014

Different autism subtypes share same genetic signature

by  /  20 November 2014

A rare form of autism linked to a duplication of the 15q11-13 chromosomal region shares a molecular signature with more common forms of the disorder, suggests unpublished research presented yesterday at the 2014 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C.