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Tag: biomarkers

May 2019
mother talking to a baby on bed

Signs of autism may be heard early in infancy

by  /  4 May 2019

Autistic infants as young as 4 months may have fewer verbal exchanges with their caregivers than their peers do.


Gaze patterns in toddlers may predict autism

by  /  2 May 2019

The gaze of children as young as 16 months old may help predict whether they have autism and reveal finer-grained details, such as their verbal and social abilities.

Nasal spray jetting from bottle on a dark background

Ready or not, two drugs for autism edge closer to clinic

by  /  1 May 2019

Two drugs that alter the activity of the hormone vasopressin seem to improve social communication in autistic people, but some experts question the findings.

Illustration of red figures on a big blue brain are serotonin signaling

Serotonin’s link to autism, explained

by  /  1 May 2019

Serotonin, the brain chemical best known for its link to depression, may also be involved in autism.

April 2019
seated crowd using silent applause, 'flappause' to show appreciation for a speaker

Tensions ride high despite reshuffle at autism science meeting

by  /  29 April 2019

The International Society for Autism Research faces a thorny problem: how to please a diverse mix of attendees who have radically different goals.


Quantitative tests of motor skills could improve autism care

by  /  2 April 2019

New assessments of the subtle motor difficulties that characterize autism could improve autistic children’s lives and teach us a lot about the condition.

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March 2019
brain inside head, showing sound waves

Hearing problems hint at potential for early autism screening

by  /  19 March 2019

Difficulties hearing and processing sounds are common in autism and may originate in the brainstem — offering the possibility of an inexpensive screen for the condition.

baby reaching for toy

Motor traits that mark autism remain elusive, large study finds

by  /  18 March 2019

Motor problems in autistic infants may parallel those in infants with other developmental conditions.


Analyzing postmortem brains for autism? Proceed with caution

by  /  5 March 2019

Any study of postmortem brains must control for artifacts, which are pervasive in brain tissue.


Researchers pan blood test for autism as premature for clinical use

by  /  4 March 2019

Doctors can now order a blood test that its makers say may help flag autism, but experts say the test is not appropriate for use in clinics.