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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: biomarkers

February 2019

Scientists sound warning about use of autism speech detector

by  /  27 February 2019

A popular system used to detect speech may not identify most vocalizations produced by autistic children aged 5 and older.

3D models of the human brain

Changes in brain anatomy may reflect autism traits

by  /  21 February 2019

Some traits of autism are associated with obvious differences in brain structure, and the scope of these alterations may depend on the person’s sex.

Baby with sensors on it's chest for an EKG, or ECG

Nerves that control heart rate may contribute to autism

by  /  13 February 2019

The part of the nervous system that regulates heart rate and breathing may be involved in autism.

January 2019
Black and white portrait of Christine Nordhal smiling.

Webinar: Christine Wu Nordahl reveals new autism brain-imaging strategies

30 January 2019

Watch the complete replay of Christine Wu Nordahl discussing new ways to expand participation in autism brain-imaging studies.

December 2018
Siblings, a baby and a toddler, play together at home.

How pregnancy may shape a child’s autism

by  /  5 December 2018

Autism is predominantly genetic in origin, but a growing list of prenatal exposures for mother and baby may sway the odds.

November 2018
Three columns of brain images show patterns of brain connections.

Repetitive behaviors tied to brain activity patterns in toddlers

by  /  29 November 2018

Children who have repetitive behaviors, a core autism trait, may show particular patterns of brain activity as early as 1 year of age.


Young children with autism may show brain-fluid buildup

by  /  19 November 2018

Autistic children aged 2 to 4 have about 15 percent more fluid between their skull and their brain than their typical peers do.

Two hands hold two pills, one red and one blue.

Drug duo delivers brain, behavioral benefits for fragile X syndrome

by  /  8 November 2018

Administering a cholesterol drug alongside an antibiotic eases atypical behavior and restores the signaling balance in the brains of people with fragile X syndrome.

Baby with EEG cap looks at camera.

Brain waves of autistic children show delay in language learning

by  /  6 November 2018

Babies eventually diagnosed with autism learn to detect speech sounds later than their typical peers do.

A drawing shows the word 'autism' formed of loose letters under a magnifying glass.

Autism diagnosis, explained

by  /  5 November 2018

New and improved autism screens and diagnostic tools promise to streamline the long path to an autism diagnosis.