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Tag: brain mapping

August 2017

Innovative tool allows for virtual experiments on mouse brain

by  /  4 August 2017

New software transforms mouse brain scans into a virtual brain that scientists can manipulate.

July 2017

Choice of method may influence brain imaging results in autism

by  /  25 July 2017

Small differences in brain imaging methods can have large effects on results.

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June 2017
Week of JuneJun

Fathering geeks; GWAS weaknesses; Prozac protection and more

by  /  23 June 2017

Paternal age drives ‘geek index’ scores, GWAS may have a big weakness, serotonin boosts mouse social behaviors, and what is science Tinder?

April 2017

Early brain enlargement augurs distinct form of autism

by  /  11 April 2017

A minority of boys with autism have brains that are unusually large relative to their bodies — a trait tied to regression and intellectual disability.


Asbestos discovery ousts U.K. researchers from their labs

by  /  5 April 2017

More than 1,500 people were forced to abandon labs and offices at the University of Oxford after a routine renovation revealed asbestos in a building.

March 2017

With tweaks, brains in a dish may yield clear clues to autism

by  /  21 March 2017

‘Mini-brains’ created in a dish may reveal autism’s roots and point to treatments, but they do not yet mirror some critical features of a human brain.

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February 2017
Week of FebruaryFeb

Breaking ground; racial divide; brain candy

by  /  10 February 2017

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is opening a new center for autism research, African-American people with autism face unique challenges, and a colorful video lights up nerve tracts in the brain.

January 2017

Questions for Pua, Seal: What’s wrong with brain imaging work?

by  /  17 January 2017

Despite the completion of hundreds of imaging studies in people with autism, researchers have yet to find features that distinguish people with the condition.


Questions for Daphna Joel: Brain sex differences may be mirage

by  /  3 January 2017

Instead of simply listing sex differences in the brain, researchers should consider how sex interacts with other factors to affect the brain, Joel says.

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December 2016

Spectrum of color: Our favorite photos from 2016

by  /  26 December 2016

Peruse our picks for the best science photos published on Spectrum this year.