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Tag: depression

October 2013

Genetics: Common variants key in psychiatric inheritance

by  /  1 October 2013

More of the common variants implicated in schizophrenia are also linked to bipolar disorder than to autism, according to a study published 28 August in Nature Genetics.

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September 2013

Clinical research: Autism, bipolar disorder may often overlap

by  /  20 September 2013

As much as 30 percent of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder may also have autism, suggests a study published in the June issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.


Career assistance

by  /  6 September 2013

Like any high school or college student, those with autism who do internships and receive career advice also improve their chances of landing a job, reports a study published 27 July in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

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August 2013

How gender influences the autism brain

by ,  /  27 August 2013

Understanding the basis of sexual dimorphism in autism may not only inform our treatment of this condition, but may translate to therapies for many other mental illnesses, say Nirao Shah and Devanand Manoli.

July 2013

Health records reveal autism’s full picture

by  /  2 July 2013

Electronic health records may help researchers assemble information about autism, such as its full range of symptoms, from thousands of individuals, says Isaac Kohane.

June 2013

Medication nation

by  /  28 June 2013

U.K. doctors prescribe fewer medications for autism than doctors in the U.S., perhaps due to tighter drug laws and a more conservative medical culture, suggests a new study, published 17 May in Psychopharmacology.

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May 2013

Risky exposures

by  /  3 May 2013

Two large studies confirm that the use of antidepressants or the epilepsy drug valproate by pregnant women raises the risk of autism in their children.

April 2013

Suicidal thoughts

by  /  23 April 2013

Children with autism are more likely to attempt suicide than their typical peers are, particularly if they are depressed or living in low-income families, says a January study in Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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March 2013

Six questions for connectivity theory research

by  /  22 March 2013

‘Underconnectivity’ is considered one of the best-supported theories for the neural basis of autism. But many questions remain unanswered, says Jon Brock.

December 2012

Brothers and sisters

by  /  18 December 2012

People with autism have fewer children than average, and so do their brothers, according to a study of Swedes born between 1950 and 1970.