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December 2011

Beyond stigma

by  /  2 December 2011

In China, some parents of children with developmental disorders seek help — sometimes hundreds of miles from home — but have trouble getting it because of poor healthcare infrastructure, high costs, long lines and doctors’ lack of awareness.

November 2011

Normocentric world

by  /  15 November 2011

In a Nature commentary, Laurent Mottron, professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal, argues that autism is not a defect that needs fixing.


Different world

by  /  12 November 2011

Most neuroscientists who study autism focus on genes, pathways and mouse models, and rarely think about the day-to-day experience of people with the disorder, contends developmental psychologist Ami Klin.

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Chinese survey says…

by  /  8 November 2011

Knowledge of autism in China is spotty, according to a large survey published last month.


Fred Volkmar: A decades-long perspective on autism research

by  /  8 November 2011

Over the past 30 years, autism research pioneer Fred Volkmar says he has learned that researchers should be humble when assigning meaning to autism behavior, and seek to translate their findings into useful applications.  


Autistics speak

by  /  1 November 2011

Today marks the second annual Autistics Speaking Day, when people turn to social networks to raise autism awareness.

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October 2011

Clinical research: Income has no effect on rates of autism

by  /  25 October 2011

A large epidemiological study in Utah that relies on tax information and health records shows that income level does not affect the odds of having a child with autism or intellectual disability.


Tech grant takes aim at autism diagnosis, treatment

by  /  10 October 2011

A $10 million grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation is funding a five-year project to develop new technologies that can help clinicians diagnose and treat autism.


Theater review: The lion roars, quietly

by  /  7 October 2011

A special performance on Sunday of The Lion King created a comfortable environment for children with autism and their families to enjoy the theater.


Full speed ahead

by  /  4 October 2011

President Obama signed a new law on Friday that authorizes $693 million in federal spending for autism research, services and treatment over the next three years.

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