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June 2018
Week of MayMay

Cooperating brains; data confusion; homeopathy claims and more

by  /  1 June 2018

Cooperative problem-solving may have kept human brains small, researchers puzzle over new European online privacy rules, and Canadian officials counter unfounded claims of a cure for autism.

May 2018
Photo: Autistic college student Kieran Barrett-Snyder stands in the kitchen area of his dormitory. He has wavy brown hair and is wearing a grey T-shirt.

How colleges can prepare for students with autism

by  /  23 May 2018

Increasing numbers of young adults with autism are pursuing a college education. Many campuses are not ready for them.

Rotterdam night landscape

Takeaways from INSAR 2018

by  /  14 May 2018

Adults on the spectrum, gender issues, and the search for autism biomarkers were among the key themes at this year’s International Society for Autism Research annual meeting.

Rotterdam cityscape

Reactions from INSAR 2018

by  /  12 May 2018

Europe’s largest port is about to get a little busier this week as members of the autism research community pour into Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for the 17th annual International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) meeting.

April 2018
Week of AprilApr

Randomized trial repository; Beijing brain center; global science march and more

by  /  20 April 2018

Scientists release a list of all randomized controlled trials of autism treatments, China establishes a brain center for an ambitious new project, and people around the world march for science again.

January 2018
Spectrum stories podcast logo

Spectrum Stories: Shifting cultural views about autism abroad

by  /  30 January 2018

In this episode, host Jacob Brogan talks to autism researchers and families with children on the spectrum in France and Ethiopia. However different the two countries may be, advocates in both places are working to overturn outdated beliefs about autism that blame parents and block access to evidence-backed services and treatment.

Illustration: An artistic depiction of the double-helix DNA molecule. In the center, there's a lonely-looking person.

Weighing up autism’s obesity crisis

by  /  24 January 2018

Autism’s underlying biology, associated behaviors and treatments can all put people on the spectrum at serious risk for obesity.

child sitting with face down outside principal's office

For teens with autism, behavioral issues boost risk of police run-ins

by  /  11 January 2018

Young people with autism who have psychiatric problems may stand a ninefold greater chance of having an encounter with the police than do others on the spectrum.

Photo: A father and son stand side by side, looking serious. The father is wearing a dark blue blazer over a grey sweater. The son is wearing a blue and grey jacket.

France faces down its outdated notions about autism

by  /  10 January 2018

After lagging behind other countries for decades, France is working on a new national plan for autism.

December 2017
Woman at a protest holds a sign that says "Grab 'em by the data"

2017: The year in tweets

by  /  22 December 2017

In 2017, autism scientists took to Twitter to express their thoughts on immigration, healthcare policy, education leadership, proposed funding cuts and Brexit.