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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: epigenetics

March 2017

Parental origin may alter gene copies’ expression in brain

by  /  13 March 2017

Some neurons preferentially express the copy of a gene inherited from one parent over the other.

October 2016

Banned toxins in mothers’ blood tied to autism risk

by  /  3 October 2016

High levels of chemicals called polychlorinated biphenyls in a pregnant woman’s blood may raise the risk of autism in her child.

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September 2016

Mutations tied to autism rife in ‘junk’ DNA

by  /  9 September 2016

More than one-third of the spontaneous mutations linked to autism crop up in genomic segments that do not code for genes.

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August 2016

Probes light up curves of individual chromosomes

by  /  26 August 2016

A new method reveals how chromosomes curl within the confines of a cell's nucleus.

July 2016

‘Science junkie’ bets big on autism’s environmental origins

by  /  18 July 2016

Jill Escher is on a mission to spur research into how chemicals in the environment may influence risk for autism.

June 2016

Analyses of gene activity may yield clues to roots of autism

by ,  /  28 June 2016

Network analyses of gene expression patterns may point to key molecular pathways that autism alters and suggest new ways of treating the condition.


Dozens of autism genes have cancer connections

by  /  10 June 2016

A comprehensive catalog of the genes that show ties to both autism and cancer highlights the role of cell growth in both conditions.

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May 2016

Pattern of chemical tags on DNA altered in autism brains

by  /  13 May 2016

DNA from autism brains shows elevated levels of a certain type of chemical tag that influences gene expression compared with DNA from controls.

January 2016
PsychENCODE - Nicolas Ogonosky

Massive brain study probes cause of autism, schizophrenia

by  /  13 January 2016

Researchers are studying more than 1,000 postmortem brains with the goal of unearthing shared genetic roots in neuropsychiatric conditions, including autism.

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November 2015

Newly named player in gene expression may be key in autism

by  /  23 November 2015

A chemical tag on DNA that has risen to prominence only in the past few years is altered in people with autism, suggest results from an autism mouse model.