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January 2018
image of cheerleaders juxtaposed with images of a child's gaze

Genetics governs children’s gaze patterns, twin study finds

by  /  3 January 2018

The way children view both social and nonsocial situations may be determined at least in part by their genes.

December 2017
Week of NovemberNov

Gaze anxieties; college considerations; social chemistry and more

by  /  1 December 2017

Adults on the spectrum explain the problem with eye contact, experts offer tips for students with autism considering college, and men with autism respond differently to the “smell of fear.”

July 2017
Illustration: a brightly colored child stands among dark, shadowy figures.

The social ties between autism and schizophrenia

by  /  12 July 2017

Autism and schizophrenia share a long and tangled history. Comparing the social features of the two conditions could lead to better treatments and a deeper understanding of each.

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Week of JulyJul

Autism advantage; robot therapists; CRISPR nightmares and more

by  /  7 July 2017

Employers discover the perks of having staffers on the spectrum, robots deliver autism therapy, and Jennifer Doudna of CRISPR fame recounts her nightmares.

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June 2017
Week of JuneJun

Fathering geeks; GWAS weaknesses; Prozac protection and more

by  /  23 June 2017

Paternal age drives ‘geek index’ scores, GWAS may have a big weakness, serotonin boosts mouse social behaviors, and what is science Tinder?

May 2017
women looking at handsome boxing instructor

Do the eyes have it? Some adults with autism say ‘no’

by  /  16 May 2017

Artist Leironica Hawkins feels comfortable making eye contact with only some people.

men trying to make eye contact

Eye contact is aversive for some adults with autism

by ,  /  16 May 2017

The reasons some people with autism don’t make eye contact may differ between childhood and adulthood.


Virtual reality yields clues to social difficulties in autism

by ,  /  16 May 2017

Assessing social ability in adults with autism requires controlled tests involving real-time social interactions. Virtual reality makes this possible.

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February 2017

Wearable camera captures eye contact in children with autism

by  /  24 February 2017

A camera embedded in a pair of eyeglasses can reliably gauge a child’s tendency to look another person in the eye.

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Survey for parents could flag autism in infants

by  /  13 February 2017

Asking parents to fill out a questionnaire about their babies’ early skills could help clinicians spot signs of autism.