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Spectrum: Autism Research News


July 2016

Gene-editing tool locates proteins inside brain cells

by  /  8 July 2016

The popular gene-editing tool CRISPR can tag proteins in the brain, illuminating the whereabouts of autism candidates.

May 2016

Experimental cancer drug restores memory in fragile X mice

by  /  26 May 2016

An early-stage treatment for eye cancer reverses memory problems in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome.

March 2016

Webinar: Claudia Bagni details molecular pathways in fragile X syndrome

23 March 2016

Watch the replay of Claudia Bagni’s webinar, in which she described molecular pathways that are impaired in fragile X syndrome, autism and schizophrenia. She also discussed mouse and fly models, as well as human cells.

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October 2015

Genetic fix for star-shaped cells eases fragile X in mice

by  /  20 October 2015

Boosting levels of the fragile X protein FMRP in astrocytes reverses features of fragile X syndrome in mice.


New methods tighten ​net​ around autism genes

by  /  9 October 2015

Autism researchers are sharpening their statistical tools to make sense of the growing pool of autism genes.

June 2015

Enzyme’s discovery points to new approach for fragile X

by  /  16 June 2015

Researchers have discovered an enzyme that lowers brain levels of FMRP, the protein missing in people with fragile X syndrome. Blocking the enzyme may ease fragile X symptoms in people with the disorder who have low levels of FMRP and mild symptoms.

May 2015

Questions for Miller, Kaplan: New neurons’ role in autism

by  /  12 May 2015

An autism-linked gene controls the number of neurons in the developing brain. Freda Miller and David Kaplan say the finding points to a new role for the gene in the early embryo.

March 2015

Questions for Eric Klann: Translating treatments for fragile X

by  /  30 March 2015

Treatments for fragile X syndrome may be more successful if they block direct targets of the key missing protein, says Eric Klann.


Treatment eases fragile X symptoms in flies, mice

by  /  9 March 2015

Blocking an enzyme involved in learning and memory corrects brain abnormalities and improves memory in fly and mouse models of fragile X syndrome.

January 2015

Drug abates symptoms in two genetic models of autism

by  /  19 January 2015

Drugs developed to treat fragile X syndrome may also work for autism because both disorders feature defects at neuronal junctions, suggests a paper published 12 January in Nature Neuroscience.