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May 2018

Brain science to benefit from unexpected windfall in research funds

by  /  3 May 2018

Autism researchers are no longer fretting over a shrinking pool of funds for the U.S. National Institutes of Health — at least for the time being.

April 2018
Older couple walking

Federal limits on medical marijuana research hinder treatments

By the time Ann Marie Owen turned to marijuana to treat her pain, she was struggling to walk and talk. She also hallucinated.

February 2018

What teenagers can teach scientists about autism

by  /  27 February 2018

Examining the teenage years presents a major opportunity for understanding and treating autism.


Program in Scotland boosts speed, accuracy of autism diagnosis

by  /  20 February 2018

A project in Scotland dramatically increased the accuracy of autism diagnosis and cut waiting times in half.

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Week of FebruaryFeb

Ultrasound exposure; maternal age; ‘special’ interests and more

by  /  16 February 2018

Autism is not associated with ultrasound frequency or duration, maternal age and education affect autism odds, and people on the spectrum benefit from their ‘special interests.’

the capitol building

‘What the Health?’ podcast: Health policy changes in U.S. budget deal

by  /  15 February 2018

Panelists on Kaiser Health News‘ weekly podcast discuss the budget deal that passed the U.S. Congress this week.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (right) and Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (left) walk to the chamber after collaborating on an agreement in the Senate

U.S. Senate budget deal boosts spending for health programs

by , ,  /  8 February 2018

In a rare show of bipartisanship, Republican and Democratic Senate leaders announced a two-year budget deal that would increase federal spending for defense as well as key domestic priorities, including many health programs.

Week of JanuaryJan

Prenatal microbiome; standing by stereotypes; Common Rule delay and more

by  /  2 February 2018

Microbiologists debate the existence of bacteria in the womb, yet another movie relies on stereotypes to portray a person with autism, and the U.S. federal government delays implementation of the Common Rule for clinical research.

January 2018

Why U.S. science may seriously suffer from a government shutdown

by  /  30 January 2018

Even a brief shutdown of the government can dramatically affect the process of conducting science and the support for young scientists.

child getting foot wrapped in pink gauze

Children’s health program renewed as U.S. federal government reopens

by ,  /  25 January 2018

The U.S. Senate and House approved legislation that would keep federal dollars flowing until 8 February, as well as fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for the next six years.