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December 2016

The best depictions of autism in the arts

26 December 2016

The books, shows and movies that most accurately portray autism are those that don’t dwell on the condition.

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Notable papers of 2016

26 December 2016

Our picks for the top 10 papers of the year highlight leaps in our understanding of autism, as well as lingering gaps.

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Autism features common in people with rare genetic syndrome

by  /  7 December 2016

More than 80 percent of people with Sotos syndrome show signs of autism, such as social anxiety and restricted interests.

November 2016
Black mouse in part shadow

Mutation tied to autism deprives male mice of their sleep

by  /  23 November 2016

A DNA deletion linked to autism causes male mice, but not females, to have trouble falling asleep.

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Week of NovemberNov

CRISPR in the clinic; autism app; women only

by  /  18 November 2016

Scientists test CRISPR as a cancer treatment, an app could help parents pick up on hints of autism, and a Dutch science academy tries to tilt its ranks toward women.


Reward protein may protect females from autism mutation

by  /  15 November 2016

Female mice with a large deletion linked to autism may compensate for its loss by upping the levels of a key protein.


Questions for Yael Niv: How to fight sexism in science

by  /  14 November 2016

Male scientists typically dominate speaker lineups at conferences. The skewed gender ratio stunts women’s careers — and progress in science.

An illustration of two grandmothers conversing in front of a genealogical tree, suggesting ancestry and a history of autism in the family.

What grandmothers can teach scientists about autism’s inheritance

by  /  9 November 2016

Women who have raised a child with autism may be well-positioned to spot subtle signs of the condition in their grandchildren. A new study puts their powers to good use.

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Boy looking in mirror sees girl reflected back

New clinical guidelines address gender dysphoria in autism

by  /  7 November 2016

New recommendations urge clinicians to screen teenagers for autism when they seek treatment at gender clinics, and evaluate those with autism for gender concerns.

October 2016
diagonal shadow of a family--parents and a girl

Parents miss signs of autism in their daughters

by  /  5 October 2016

Parents of girls with autism are significantly less likely than those of boys with the condition to voice concerns about their child’s social behavior.