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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: gender

December 2017
Week of DecemberDec

Regression review; gendered association; model tribute and more

by  /  15 December 2017

A sweeping analysis covers evidence of regression in autism, gender dysphoria is linked to autism features, and animal models of autism receive full treatment in a special tribute.

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two men hiking and embracing with dog in backpack

Some adults with autism traits reject conventional sexual labels

by  /  7 December 2017

Adults who have characteristics of autism are about three times as likely as their peers to not identify as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

October 2017
Microscope image of neuronal injections in brain.

Two drugs ease features of autism syndromes in mice

by  /  11 October 2017

Drugs that block certain brain enzymes could help treat two conditions associated with autism.

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September 2017
Week of SeptemberSep

Genetics do-over; iffy influences; high-tech education and more

by  /  29 September 2017

A re-analysis of data yields an increased estimate for the genetic contribution to autism, how the environment might contribute to autism is hard to pin down, and students on the spectrum describe the benefits of using technology at school.

African American girl and boy hold hands and walk during a sunny day.

Repeat risk of autism in families varies by sex of older sibling

by  /  25 September 2017

Children who have an older sister with autism are more likely to also have the condition than those who have an older brother on the spectrum.

Illustration of woman scratching her head looking at a web of signs.

Adolescents with autism need access to better sex education

by  /  5 September 2017

Sex education in schools needs to be adapted for teens on the spectrum so they can approach relationships in a way that is safe, confident and healthy.

Week of AugustAug

Boyish looks; popular pseudoscience; older fathers and more

by  /  1 September 2017

Masculinized features help define children with autism, online autism-parent forums spread pseudoscience, and the United States has more older fathers than ever.

August 2017
A young boy and a young girl hiding behind the kitchen table.

Sibling study bolsters role of common variants in autism

by  /  24 August 2017

Children with autism are genetically more similar to one another than to a group of unaffected siblings.

Week of JulyJul

Autism unsurprised; diagnostic camouflage; Neanderthal legacy and more

by  /  4 August 2017

People with autism aren’t easily surprised, the social camouflage some girls and women with autism use may preclude diagnosis, and autism-related genes are rooted deep in human ancestry.

July 2017

Girls on the spectrum may have problems with planning

by  /  27 July 2017

Girls with autism may have more difficulty making and executing plans, and taking care of themselves, than do boys with the condition.

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