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April 2013

Suicidal thoughts

by  /  23 April 2013

Children with autism are more likely to attempt suicide than their typical peers are, particularly if they are depressed or living in low-income families, says a January study in Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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March 2013

Perfect match

by  /  5 March 2013

Researchers must use better measures to show that experimental and control groups are well matched, says Jon Brock.

January 2013

Autism symptoms more severe in later-born children

by  /  17 January 2013

In families that have more than one child with autism, children who are born later have lower intelligence scores than their older siblings do, according to research published 11 November in PLoS ONE.

December 2012

Adulthood: Life lessons

by  /  6 December 2012

We know little about autism past adolescence, but a well-studied generation of children with autism will change that.


Cognition and behavior: Gender influences autism symptoms

by  /  5 December 2012

Men with autism struggle with attention to detail and dexterity, according to a study published 17 October in PLoS One. Men and women with the disorder both have trouble with social skills, however.


Genetics: 22q11.2 deletion symptoms cluster into two groups

by  /  4 December 2012

Children with a deletion in the 22q11.2 chromosomal region have one of two distinct sets of symptoms, and only one of those is associated with autism, according to a study published 28 August in Research in Developmental Disabilities.

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November 2012

Long-term studies chart autism’s different trajectories

by  /  29 November 2012

Two new studies that follow the development of children with autism suggest that distinct subgroups of the disorder exist early on, and that the severity of symptoms in most of these children remains stable over time. 

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Defining language deficits across autism spectrum

by ,  /  27 November 2012

We are on the verge of a seismic shift in the definition of autism spectrum disorders, says David Skuse. Under proposed guidelines for autism diagnosis, the canard that most people with the disorder cannot speak, or have such disordered language that they cannot sustain a conversation, has been abandoned.


Partial proof

by  /  16 November 2012

Evidence for the benefit of behavioral treatments for autism is modest at best, according to a systematic review published 1 November in Pediatrics.

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October 2012

Telling tools

by  /  9 October 2012

Which test a clinician uses to diagnose a child with autism may determine whether that child meets the criteria proposed in the newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.