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July 2017

Why model autism programs are rare in public schools

by  /  11 July 2017

The United States is failing most of its half million school-age children with autism by not giving them a good education.

June 2017

Heart rate may foretell autism features in infants

by  /  28 June 2017

Babies with a family history of autism have heart rates that are unusually low and that respond aberrantly to speech sounds.

February 2017

Animated sidekick connects parents to children with autism

by  /  21 February 2017

In a new type of therapy for autism, parents talk or type into their phone or computer, and their words emerge in the voice of an animated character.

January 2017

Sound processing skewed in mouse model of Rett syndrome

by  /  27 January 2017

Researchers have traced an unusual maternal behavior in female mice modeling Rett syndrome to a neural circuit that processes sound. They have also found a drug that reverses this behavior.

November 2016
Week of NovemberNov

Risky business; urgent care; the old college try

by  /  25 November 2016

Some say a focus on basic neuroscience is crushing clinical research, a gene database gets a big upgrade, and Autism Speaks revises its goals.


Toddler palace may house clues to social skills in autism

by  /  13 November 2016

A half-hour-long ‘playdate’ between a toddler and an adult could help answer a long-standing question about the social deficits that accompany autism.


Autism tied to mutations in gene that polices proteins

by  /  13 November 2016

A gene that keeps protein production in check is mutated in some people with autism.

October 2016

Study pins down biological basis of rare autism-linked syndrome

by  /  27 October 2016

Subsets of neurons lacking a gene called RAI1 contribute to Smith-Magenis syndrome, a rare condition related to autism.

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September 2016

Loss, doubling of Rett gene produce similar brain glitch

by  /  15 September 2016

Mice with either too little or too much MeCP2, the gene mutated in Rett syndrome, show similar malfunctions in a learning and memory circuit.

July 2016
Week of JulyJul

Fake facilitation; third strike; Pokémon passion

by  /  22 July 2016

An autism researcher retracts her third paper in as many years, scientists write fraudulent reviews of their own papers, and Pokémon Go boosts social skills in children with autism.

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