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Spectrum: Autism Research News

Tag: microRNAs

January 2021

Method may improve safety of gene therapies targeting the brain

by  /  28 January 2021

A new approach for delivering gene therapy to the brain reduces nerve damage in primates and could help make gene therapies for conditions related to autism safer.

June 2019
medical personnel with a swab test in a vial.

Doubts precede saliva test for autism, set to be available by July

by  /  19 June 2019

A saliva test that helps clinicians diagnose autism is expected to be available in the next few weeks. But some experts are skeptical of the test’s accuracy and value.

August 2018
Neurons glow green in a mouse brain.

New tool triggers gene expression in select neurons in rodents

by  /  31 August 2018

Injecting a virus toting snippets of RNA into the rodent brain enables researchers to express genes in specific neuron types.

January 2018
By staining the nuclei from all cells blue (left) and those from neurons red (middle), researchers can isolate the resulting purple nuclei from neurons (right).

Chemical tags on genomes in neurons altered in autism brains

by  /  31 January 2018

Neurons from people with autism may have an unusual pattern of chemical tags that turn genes on and off.

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June 2017

Genome’s ‘dark’ side steps into spotlight of autism research

by  /  27 June 2017

RNA segments that control when and where genes are expressed may be involved in autism.

October 2016

Micro-molecules may loom large in autism

by  /  17 October 2016

The brains of people with autism contain unusual amounts of short regulatory RNAs.

July 2016
Week of JulyJul

Brexit break-ups; little impact; micro medicine

by  /  15 July 2016

Scientists are excluding U.K. colleagues from studies; a life sciences publisher abandons the ‘impact factor;’ and a new open-access journal makes its debut.

January 2016
Week of JanuaryJan

CRISPR chronicles; microbiome muddle; love on the spectrum

by  /  15 January 2016

The fight over who holds the rights to CRISPR is heating up, we control our gut bacteria, and romance isn’t always easy when you have autism.

October 2015

Male mice pass stress signatures down to their pups

by  /  19 October 2015

The pups of male mice exposed to stress show a muted response to stressful situations of their own, suggesting that environmental effects can last generations.

January 2015

Method charts lifetime expression of DNA in brain

by  /  21 January 2015

A new database that maps changes in gene expression in the prefrontal cortex shows that autism-linked genes are expressed differently than other genes through six stages of life.