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Tag: postmortem brains

July 2019

Can we ‘see’ autism in the brain?

2 July 2019

We asked five autism researchers to weigh in on whether there is a unique brain signature for autism and, if so, how to identify it.

May 2019
Individual cells from the brains of autistic people show distinct gene-expression patterns, and are shown in different colors.

Analysis of single cells implicates set of neurons in autism

by  /  22 May 2019

A set of neurons involved in complex cognitive functions may play a central role in autism.

March 2019
Human brain tissue

Autism brain bank doubles amount of available tissue

by  /  15 March 2019

Autism BrainNet, a repository of postmortem brains, has new tissue from more than 150 brains, including 59 from people with confirmed or possible autism.


Analyzing postmortem brains for autism? Proceed with caution

by  /  5 March 2019

Any study of postmortem brains must control for artifacts, which are pervasive in brain tissue.

February 2019

Brain’s prefrontal cortex conducts symphony of social players

by  /  20 February 2019

A brain region that orchestrates responses to social cues and aids decision-making may be off tempo in autism.

December 2018
whimsical machine takes in various data and spits out an organized version on the other end

Notable papers in autism research in 2018

21 December 2018

This year’s list of top papers highlights new dimensions in our understanding of autism genetics and hints at novel treatments.


Massive analysis refines map of autism’s genetic roots

by  /  19 December 2018

The largest genetic analysis of postmortem brain tissue to date has yielded maps of when and where genes related to autism are turned on and off throughout life.

November 2018
Chandelier cells send their signals through fibers arranged in vertical columns that are reminiscent of the candles in a chandelier.

Chandelier cells may sprout few branches in autism brains

by  /  7 November 2018

Specialized neurons called chandelier cells, which dampen brain signals, make unusually few connections in the brains of people with autism.


Postmortem brain study hints at cell types involved in autism

by  /  5 November 2018

An unprecedented look at gene expression in tens of thousands of brain cells from autistic people suggests important roles in the condition for a neuronal subtype and for microglia.

September 2018

Molecular master may stifle assembly of many autism proteins

by  /  20 September 2018

A new study reveals a ‘master regulator’ of many of the hundreds of genes linked to autism.