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Tag: Rett syndrome

November 2016

Laser lights up deep layers of ‘mini-brains’

by  /  13 November 2016

An imaging technique that lights up cells without involving fluorescent markers lets scientists see deep inside spheres of neurons.

October 2016

Drug duo may reverse effects of Rett mutations in cells

by  /  21 October 2016

A pair of existing drugs normalizes the appearance and activity of neurons derived from the skin of individuals with Rett syndrome.

Week of OctoberOct

Rett reflections; supplement scare; gender studies

by  /  14 October 2016

It’s been 50 years since the first description of Rett syndrome, a hodgepodge of supplements sickens a boy with autism, and gender stereotypes make it hard to spot girls on the spectrum.


Questions for Rudolf Jaenisch: Creating mouse-human hybrids

by  /  4 October 2016

Despite ethical concerns, watching how human neurons develop in the mouse brain could help scientists understand conditions such as autism.

September 2016

Brain’s immune cells may only play bit part in Rett syndrome

by  /  21 September 2016

Contrary to some previous reports, microglia may not play a central role in initiating Rett syndrome.

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Loss, doubling of Rett gene produce similar brain glitch

by  /  15 September 2016

Mice with either too little or too much MeCP2, the gene mutated in Rett syndrome, show similar malfunctions in a learning and memory circuit.

July 2016

Neurons from boys with autism grow unusually fast

by  /  28 July 2016

Cells derived from the skin of boys and men with autism share a host of unusual characteristics.

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Two types of neurons play key roles in Rett syndrome

by  /  27 July 2016

Manipulating MeCP2, the gene mutated in Rett syndrome, has revealed two neuron types as crucial contributors to the condition.

June 2016

Breathing issues in Rett stem from distinct neural circuits

by  /  24 June 2016

Each of the various breathing difficulties seen in people with Rett syndrome may arise from a distinct circuit in the brainstem.


The treasures of monkey island

by  /  22 June 2016

On Cayo Santiago island, scientists track the alliances and power struggles of a colony of feral monkeys — collecting data to generate new insights into the social challenges that people with autism face.