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Tag: sequencing

February 2018
More than 4,000 types of brain cells show distinct gene expression patterns.

Map of gene expression gives new clues to brain development

by  /  23 February 2018

A new map that analyzes gene expression one cell at a time shows how various cell types mature and form the brain’s distinctive structures.

marker genes in cells

New databases decode gene expression in brain cells

by  /  2 February 2018

Researchers have generated two new databases that catalog which genes are expressed in specific brain cells.

December 2017

Notable papers in autism research in 2017

22 December 2017

This year’s list of top papers highlights nuances in the genetics of autism and new leads on early treatment.

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Week of DecemberDec

Pruning protein; cultural connection; cannabis consent and more

by  /  8 December 2017

A pruning protein reshapes neurons, culture should be a consideration in trials of autism treatments, and another U.S. state adds autism to the list of indications for medical cannabis.

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November 2017
brain cells and microglia

Map of microglia in mouse brain may reveal role in autism

by  /  15 November 2017

Researchers have mapped how immune cells in the brain called microglia change with age in mice.

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October 2017
Medical practitioner marking blood sample.

Mosaic mutations in sperm point to increased autism risk

by  /  23 October 2017

More than 5 percent of mutations thought to have arisen spontaneously in a child with autism may in fact be inherited.

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A new resource charts the locations of two types of chemical modifications to chromosomes (top, middle) and gene expression changes (bottom) in brain tissue.

Databases describe DNA ‘dials’ that control gene expression

by  /  20 October 2017

Two new resources catalog how genetic variants affect gene expression in the brain.

Week of OctoberOct

Maternal multivitamins; vaccine retraction; simultaneous schizophrenia and more

by  /  13 October 2017

Taking prenatal multivitamins may reduce the risk of having a child who has autism with intellectual disability, another vaccine-autism link study is being retracted, and schizophrenia sometimes accompanies autism.

A new method analyzes gene expression to identify more than a dozen cell types in human brain tissue.

Droplet technique probes gene expression in brain tissue

by  /  6 October 2017

A new method offers an efficient way to examine gene expression in individual cells from postmortem brains.

September 2017
Week of SeptemberSep

Genetic hotspot; big brain collaboration; funding fall and more

by  /  22 September 2017

A gene called TRIO may be a hotbed for autism mutations, an international collaboration focuses on the whole brain and one behavior, and Autism Speaks cuts grant spending.