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Spectrum: Autism Research News

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May 2020
Close up view of human eye.

Autistic people may have trouble tuning out distractions

by  /  4 May 2020

Pupil response suggests autistic people have atypical activity in a part of the brain that regulates attention.

February 2020
Illustration shows child's head, with an EEG background, and a sleeping figure floating in the clouds above his head.

Sleep problems in autism, explained

by  /  6 February 2020

Many people with autism have difficulty falling and staying asleep, but there may be ways to help them.

May 2019

The signaling imbalance theory of autism, explained

by  /  1 May 2019

The signaling imbalance theory holds that the brains of autistic people are hyper-excitable because of either excess neuronal activity or weak brakes on that activity.

overlapping network of connections in the brain

The connectivity theory of autism, explained

by  /  1 May 2019

A growing body of evidence suggests that autism involves atypical communication between brain regions, but how and where in the brain this plays out is unclear.