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July 2018
a particle of gold and a protective shell nable CRISPR to traverse safely into the brain.

Gene editing via nanoparticles may treat autism syndromes

by  /  5 July 2018

A miniature particle delivers the gene-editing tool CRISPR into the brains of fragile X mice.

January 2018
Protein levels in the brain from birth to about 40 years vary more (blue) or less (red) by brain region but are similar across the lifespan.

Tool tracks brain proteins from infancy to adulthood

by  /  19 January 2018

A new inventory of proteins reveals their levels in seven brain regions from infancy through adulthood.

October 2017
Week of OctoberOct

Boy bias; incontinence issues; smart search and more

by  /  20 October 2017

A mouse model of autism reveals sex differences in brain function and behavior, incontinence and autism often co-occur, and a new literature search engine summarizes neuroscience hits into interactive visuals.

May 2017

Altered circuit may underlie repetitive behaviors in autism

by  /  13 May 2017

A brain circuit that controls movement is altered in people with autism, a postmortem brain study suggests.

March 2017
illustration of person with autism struggling with addiction

Autism’s hidden habit

by  /  1 March 2017

Conventional wisdom holds that people with autism don’t get hooked on alcohol or other drugs, but new evidence suggests otherwise.

February 2017

Rats with mutant SHANK genes show autism-like behaviors

by  /  16 February 2017

Researchers have engineered two new rats with mutations in a family of genes that function at neuronal junctions, they reported today at the 2014 International Meeting for Autism Research in Atlanta.

November 2016
Mouse brain hippocampus

New mice expose consequences of key autism gene

by  /  17 November 2016

Mice with an extra copy of the autism risk gene UBE3A have cognitive deficits and anxiety, but do not show any core features of the condition.

August 2016

Maps reveal genetic landscape of developing monkey brain

by  /  12 August 2016

Researchers have charted gene expression in the brains of rhesus macaques from before birth into adulthood.

January 2016

Neighboring mutations in gene may spawn separate conditions

by  /  25 January 2016

Two seemingly similar mutations in the SHANK3 gene have divergent effects on the brain and behavior.

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November 2015

Newly named player in gene expression may be key in autism

by  /  23 November 2015

A chemical tag on DNA that has risen to prominence only in the past few years is altered in people with autism, suggest results from an autism mouse model.